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Art-ï: The Internet Art School

Art-Ï: The art school which comes to your house

What is Art-ï?

An art school on the Internet with mobile workshops

Art-ï offers creative courses via the Internet.
Art-ï offers instruction in painting, drawing, crafts and photography – from the comfort of your own home.
Art-ï offers individual courses with no long-term obligation, and provides instructions in small steps.

Try a free course!

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Who is Art-ï meant for?

Art-ï offers courses for children, young people and adults – everyone can join in, whether you are 8 or 88.

Art-ï is suitable for beginners. We show you how to interpret a subject step by step and give you tips on your own designs.

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How does Art-ï work?

Art-ï gives you instructions, tips, materials and assistance for creative artistic learning – everything conveniently via the Internet.

Naturally you work with “real” materials such as paints, pencils, camera, scissors, paper etc.

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Our aims?

•    Teaching design techniques
•    Developing artistic skills
•    Inspiring creativity
•    Giving artistic knowledge
and last but not least:
•    Awakening a love of art

“Because building a ship not only means hoisting the sails, forging the nails, reading the stars, but above all awakening delight in the sea.”
(Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

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Your advantages?

You determine how fast you learn, what you learn, the place and time you learn – for yourself or your child.

You learn from the comfort of your own home.

Art-ï does not expect you to enter any obligation: no comprehensive courses, no long-term obligations.

You only ever buy individual, manageable course units. A preview shows you what to expect. This means that you and your children can pursue individual preferences and try out various things –depending on your time and interest.

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What's going on?

Art-ï is currently being set up.

You can try out your first course here, free of charge. Click here for starting ...

Unfortunately, we do not have the means at present to expand the English-language website.

However, as you can see in the trial course, a lot is explained in pictures – perhaps also a good way of improving your German?

“The journey is its own reward.” (Paul Klee)

If you would like to support Art-ï in setting up the English-language website  you can make a donation:

IBAN: DE90 820 700 240 2900223 00
“Donation for Art-I english”

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Who's behind Art-ï?

“Colourful is my favourite colour” (Walter Gropius)

Many artists and art teachers are involved with Art-ï.

Art-ï offers didactically prepared courses and films in which you can look over the artist’s shoulder while he is creating a picture.

Art-ï is a project set up by the sponsoring association Apolda Avantgarde e.V. It is co-financed by the European Union as part of the community project LEADER+.

Projectmanager: Gabriele Fecher, M.A. Fine Arts

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